Fox Valley Systems: The World's Best Line Marking Paint & Equipment

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About Fox Valley Systems

Fox Valley Systems was founded over 40 years ago by Thomas J. Smrt, the inventor of the upside-down aerosol spray can. Since its creation, Fox Valley has led the way with fresh ideas and innovative approaches to line marking technology, manufacturing the best aerosol line marking equipment on the market.

With its long established reputation for making the highest quality line marking paint and line marking equipment, no other line marking system has come close to the standards set by Fox Valley. We ensure every last detail of our line marking products, from the patented nozzle on our cans to the side-can attachment on our Super Striper machine, is designed to produce the highest quality lines every single time.

Often copied, Fox Valley has never been beaten on quality. It is simply the best aerosol line marking system money can buy.

Our enviable reputation as a leader in line marking systems is supported by the Lifetime Guarantee on all of our line marking equipment, and the 10 year clog free guarantee on all of our paint. Our machines' simple, tough and reliable design working in cohesion with our bright, clear and durable paint, gives you the best performance line marking system available.