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Car Park Line Marking

Maintaining a safe car park for both your staff and the general public is extremely important. Marking your own car park using Fox Valley line marking systems helps to improve safety in your car park, and saves you time and money.

Car parks must be clearly labelled and set out to allow for adequate movement and visibility of cars and pedestrians. Clearly marked car parks are also important for maintaining order, as parking bays are clear and visible, as are any signs and symbols.

The Fox Valley Super Striper is the original and best aerosol line marking machine for car parks. The Super Striper's robust frame, superb features and great versatility make it the perfect car park line marking machine. Fox Valley Super Striper paint is packed with pigment, to give you bright, clean, long-lasting car park lines. For high-traffic areas, such as warehouses and HGV depots, where traffic flow is much higher, Fox Valley Super Supreme paint is designed to provide the perfect car park line marking solution – as it is extremely durable so it is capable of withstanding tougher environments.

You must also consider providing suitable parking for people with disabilities. Our Easy Marker Pistol and Easy Marker XL, when used in conjunction with one of our stencils, are perfect for marking signs and symbols for disabled access. The proportion of disabled spaces to be provided by law at any given development is subject to local planning guidance and enquiries should be taken there. Typically a standard parking bay is 2.4m x 4.8m and a typical disabled person bay is 3.6m x 4.8m, which includes the 1.2m transfer zone. The bays need to be clearly advertised and promoted to other car park users as well as being easy to differentiate from the standard parking bays.

Before line marking your car park, you should sweep the area thoroughly, removing any debris, and carrying out any necessary repair work on pot holes etc. This is to ensure the best base for Fox Valley aerosol paint to stick to, to give you the highest quality, professional car park lines. All line marking should be carried out after a period of dry weather to ensure dry, moisture-free ground, as the line marker paint may not cure properly on damp ground.