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Who uses Fox Valley Systems?
The Fox Valley Systems Athletic grass paint is used worldwide by many customers but here in the UK is particularly popular with Schools, Colleges, Universities, Sports Clubs (including Athletics, Football, Rugby, Tennis, Cricket and more). Fox Valley Systems Super Striper road line marking paint is used mainly by companies who wish to line or re-line their car parks, playgrounds, warehouse or factory floors, fire lanes, safety areas and more.

Which paint should I use?
Our Super Striper paint is designed as a road paint, for marking on concrete, asphalt and other hard floors. It is ideal for marking car parks and warehouses etc. Our Super Supreme paint is a heavier duty version of the Super Striper paint, designed for use in high traffic areas as it is more durable and tougher than the Super Striper paint. Our Athletic paint is designed for marking out sports fields and grass pitches.

How many cans of paint are there in a case?
There are 12 cans of paint in each case.

Can I order different colours in one case?
No, we only sell one colour per case, but remember our paint does come with a full 10 year guarantee from date of purchase.

How much paint is there in each can?
Each can contains 500ml of paint.

Can I buy single cans?
No - our paint is only available in cases of 12. However, our paint has an unrivalled 10 year clog free guarantee so the case will last a long time – ideal for future re-paints.

How far will one case of paint stripe?
Super Stripe Traffic paint will stripe a 3” wide stripe 200-400 linear feet per can. Super Supreme paint will stripe a 3" stripe 200- 400 linear feet per can. Athletic paint will stripe a 3” wide stripe about 4400 feet per case.

How long will a can of paint last?
Our paint is the only paint on the market with a 10 year clog free guarantee, and we also have a lifetime guarantee on all of our line marking machines.

How long will the paint stay down?
This varies depending on environmental conditions and usage. We recommend re-striping every year to maintain a great finish. Super Supreme paint is designed to last 50% longer than our excellent Super Stripe paint.

How long does the paint take to dry?
Our paint dries to the touch within a couple of hours, and it should be completely cured within 24 hours of application.

What width of stripes will my striper make?
Our striping machines can be adjusted to mark lines between 2.5 and 4.5 inches.

How do you adjust the width of the stripe on the Super Striper or the Athletic Striper?
It’s simple. Just release the pinch lock on the handle and slide the handle up or down on the post to the desired width marking shown on the post. Lock the pinch lock and you are ready to stripe.

Can the handle from the Super Striper or the Athletic Striper be used free hand?
Yes, both the Super Striper and the Athletic Striper handles can be used free hand. Simply release the pinch lock and remove the handle from the machine. Place a can of paint in the handle and away you go. Remember, don’t tilt the handle forward or the can will become off balance.

Will other brands of paint work in your machines?
Our machines are designed for use with our paints. We cannot guarantee other brands of paint will work with our machines. Though, we are confident that our paints and line marking equipment are the best on the market - so using our paints with our machine will give you the best possible results. Also, using other brands of paint will void the lifetime guarantee on our line marking equipment.

Will the paint damage the grass?
Our athletic paint is designed for use on grass, so it is completely safe for use. Our Easy Marker paint may stunt the growth of the grass, but it will not kill it. Our road paint is more acidic than the athletic paint, so it could burn grass.

How do I get an even start or stop to my lines?
If you place a piece of card or paper on the ground at the starting or stopping point of the line, it will create a nice square line.

What makes your paint better?
All of our paint is LOADED with pigment to give you a bright, long lasting application. Also, no one has a 10 year Guarantee on paint or a Lifetime Guarantee on their equipment and no one can beat our customer service.