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Playground Line Marking

Using Fox Valley Systems line marking technology to mark your own playground is a great way to get fantastic line marking results,at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional contractor to do it for you.

Fox Valley Systems line marking equipment is very easy to use, so getting great results is simple, even for a novice.

The Fox Valley Super Striper line marking machine is designed for use on concrete, asphalt and all sorts of other hard surfaces, so it is perfect for use on playgrounds. The Super Striper line marking applicator is a strong and durable line marking machine, it is built to the highest standards from hi-impact plastic to ensure it produces high-quality lines. The Super Striper machine is perfect for marking out football pitches and tennis courts on concrete, walkways and general playground games.

The Easy Marker XL and the Easy Marker Pistol are also fantastic for marking on playgrounds, the Easy marker XL allows you to make curves and shapes easily and the Easy Marker Pistol allows you to mark stencils, shapes and free-hand lines quickly and easily.

Fox Valley's Super Striper paint is perfect for use on playgrounds. Super Striper line marking paint is packed with pigment, so it gives you much brighter, hard-wearing and longer-lasting lines than any other aerosol line marking paint on the market. The high quality, bright finish that Super Striper paint gives will make your playground lines look beautifully inviting for children to play on.

Super Striper paint dries to the touch in just a couple of hours – it is designed to be extremely fast-drying and it cures completely within 24 hours. Your playground will be ready to use almost straight away – No need to close the playground off for lengthy periods!