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Warehouse Line Marking

Accurate line marking in your warehouse is essential for ensuring safety, making people aware of the boundaries in their working environment, and ensuring operations run efficiently.

Fox Valley's range of Super Striper line marking equipment is perfect for use in warehouses. The Fox Valley Super Striper line marking machine is a strong and durable piece of kit, it is perfect for clearly and uniformly identifying walkways, product storage areas, MHE parking bays, traffic routes, ‘keep clear’ and 'restricted' zones in warehouses.

Fox Valley Super Supreme line marking paint is the ideal aerosol marker paint for use in warehouses. Super Supreme line marking paint is made from a durable modified acrylic, and it is more heavily pigmented for a brighter, long-lasting finish. This makes Super Supreme paint perfect for warehouses line marking, as it is much better suited to high traffic areas, such as warehouses, as it is capable of withstanding fork lift trucks, HGVs and heavy loads.