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ATAK Hard Surface Line Marking Starter Kit

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ATAK Line Marker Kit

Everything you need to mark on tarmac, concrete, asphalt & more

Our Atak Tarmac Line Marking Kit provides you with everything you need to out your own car park, warehouse, factory floor and much more. Included in this line marker kit is the Atak Traffic Line Marking Machine and one box of Atak Traffic Line Marker Paint in your choice of colour. This line marking kit is an excellent quality piece of equipment and offers great value.

ATAK Traffic Line Marking Applicator

Sturdy, reliable and easy to use

The Atak line marking machine is a tough and robust line marking paint applicator. It has an impact resistant chassis, an adjustable line width feature and a guide arrow for high quality, consistent paint lines. The handle on these applicators is detachable and can be used separately for more intricate work, spot painting and stencil painting.

ATAK Traffic Line Marker Paint

Ideal for painting car park lines, warehouses, playgrounds and more

Atak Traffic line marking paint is a durable, high quality spray paint, manufactured to give bright, consistent, long lasting lines which won't wear away quickly and won't wash away in the rain. Atak line marker paint comes in boxes of 12 cans and it is available in a range of colours, including white, yellow, red, green, grey, black and blue.

PLEASE NOTE: This offer includes one box of Atak Traffic line marking paint (12 cans per box). Please specify which colour you require using the Paint Colour selection box.

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ATAK Hard Surface Line Marking Starter Kit