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Fox Valley Athletic Super Stripe Line Marker Paint - 12x 500ml - White

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Quantity: 12 Cans
Can Size: 500ml
Colour: White

The best paint for the job.

Simple. Fast. Economical

Founded by the inventor of the first upside down aerosol paint can, Thomas J Smrt, Fox Valley has always strived to manufacture the highest quality line marking equipment. Our Athletic Super Stripe paint continues this tradition of high-quality products. Designed specifically for use on grass areas, Fox Valley Athletic Super Stripe paint gives you sharp, long-lasting lines that won't wash away in the rain, and won't damage the grass!

High Quality Paint

Professional paint. Without the price.

Our Super Stripe paint cans are designed to produce the the best paint lines possible, with a specially designed and patented nozzle to provide superb line definition. Fox Valley aerosol paint is also the only paint on the market with a 10 year clog-free guarantee.


Amazing Versatility

Use our paint anywhere. For anything.

The most versatile line marking system of all, Fox Valley aerosol line marking paint can be applied to a huge variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces. Our Athletic Super Stripe paint is ideal for use on all kinds of grass surfaces, including football pitches, rugby pitches, tennis courts and play areas.

Our white Athletic Super Stripe line marking paint should be used in a Fox Valley Athletic Super Striper line marking applicator for the most professional, high quality finish. Our white athletic line marking paint can also be used with an Easy Marker Pistol, for marking shapes and stencils free-hand.

  What our customers say about this product…
  • Value for Money

    This is the cheapest on the Internet, i dont understand how other suppliers can sell if £30+ more expensive for the same thing!
    Great value buying it direct from Fox Valley

    The paint is high quality, its come out perfect on our sports field and worked exceptionally well on our Astro Turf
    We got 80 meter from one tin!!

    Paul Johnston 09/04/2013
  • Good Products

    Very good products you have here , very professional but without the big price tags we dont know how you have managed this but we are certainly happy with our order, we will be back soon for a paint top up,thanks to all your very helpful staff

    Hans Decal 04/09/2013
  • Thanks

    Thanks for the quick order, it got here today as you said it would
    The machine is brilliant, thanks for the recommendations

    Gardeners World 04/09/2013

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Fox Valley Athletic Super Stripe Line Marker Paint - 12x 500ml - White