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Fox Valley Super Stripe Line Marker Paint - 12 x 500ml - Green

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Can Size: 500ml
Colour: White

The best paint for the job.

And any other job in the next 10 years.

Founded by Thomas J Smrt, the inventor of the first upside down aerosol spray can, Fox Valley Systems has manufactured the highest quality aerosol line marking technology for over 40 years. Our Super Stripe aerosol paint cans are designed to produce the highest quality paint lines, with a special nozzle for unrivalled line definition. Our aerosol paint is also the only line marking paint on the market with a 10 year clog-free guarantee.


Brightest Paint Pigment!

Show your stripes!

Fox Valley Super Stripe paint is loaded with pigment, so it gives you much brighter, hard-wearing and longer-lasting lines than any other aerosol paint on the market. Dry to the touch in just a couple of hours, our green Super Stripe line marker paint is designed to be extremely fast-drying – it cures completely within 24 hours!


Unbelievably Versatile

Use our paint anywhere. For anything.

The most versatile line marking system available, Fox Valley Super Stripe line marker paint can be applied to a huge variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces, using a Fox Valley Super Striper line marking machine or free-hand. Our green Super Stripe paint is perfect for marking most hard surfaces, including concrete, tarmac, block paving, stone and timber. Green Super Stripe paint can be used in conjunction with our Super Striper line marker paint applicator, for marking car parks, factories and warehouses. Super Stripe paint can also be used free-hand, or with the Easy Marker paint applicator, for marking shapes and stencils easily.

  What our customers say about this product…
  • Warehouse Floor

    Fox Valley is the only paint to buy, we have been using this for years in our warehouse to mark out places you can and cant go.
    Paint stays down for ages and the cans last even longer.
    I wouldn't recommend any other Brand! We have used most of them!!
    Thanks for my next day delivery guys

    CMD 12/03/2013
  • Perfect Fit

    My machine is ten years old and the old style, i was worried the paint wouldn't fit but i was wrong, its a perfect fit as the staff told me it would be , I would recommend this company to anyone who reads this

    Clara Coleman 07/06/2013
  • floor paint

    good paint, nice shade of green too for what its worth, only mark every 1/2 years using this brand, way better than alternatives used over the years,
    Use with the super stripe machine and you get great results
    5/5 rating given

    Helena 06/09/2013

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Fox Valley Super Stripe Line Marker Paint - 12 x 500ml - Green