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Fox Valley Super Stripe Line Marker Paint - 12 x 500ml - Red

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Quantity: 12 Cans
Can Size: 500ml
Colour: Red

The best paint for the job.

10 Year Clog Free Guarantee.

Fox Valley was founded over 40 years ago by the inventor of the first upside down aerosol spray can, Thomas J Smrt. Since its inception, Fox Valley has strived to manufacture the best line marking equipment on the market. We ensure every last detail of our products is designed to produce the highest quality lines. Our Super Stripe paint cans have a specially designed nozzle to give you superb line definition. Our aerosol paint is also the only paint on the market with a 10 year clog-free guarantee.


Brightest Paint Pigment

Show your stripes!

We pack our Super Stripe paint with pigment so that it gives you the brightest, most hard-wearing and long-lasting finish possible. This red Fox Valley Super Stripe line marking paint dries to the touch in just a couple of hours, and it cures completely within 24 hours, so your car park will be ready to use almost immediately!


Unrivalled Versatility

Use our paint anywhere. For anything.

The most versatile line marking system of all, Fox Valley Super Stripe aerosol line marking paint can be applied to a huge variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces, including concrete, tarmac, block paving, stone and timber. Our red Super Stripe paint is perfect for marking most hard surfaces using a Fox Valley line marking applicator, or free-hand. Our red paint can be used in conjunction with our Super Striper line marking machine for marking car parks, warehouses, or factory floors. Red Super Stripe paint can also be used free-hand, or with one of our Easy Marker applicators, for marking shapes and stencils free-hand.

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  • Super Stripe Traffic

    The playground looks perfect as you said it would, i had to come back and review, was also very impressed with the next day delivery service
    PS thanks for the COSH sheets

    Cathy 07/03/2013
  • Red Spray

    Thanks again for all your help, i can review that the red paint is perfect in everyway

    Hillary 05/06/2013
  • Fox Valley Striper

    If anybody is reading this i can confirm this is very good quality, the paint from one can goes about 40 meters further than any other on the market, trust me i have tested them all, just wish i tested this first

    David Newnes 17/06/2013

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Fox Valley Super Stripe Line Marker Paint - 12 x 500ml - Red