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Stencil - A-Z and 0-9 (25mm - other sizes available)

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25mm Stencils

This pack of letter and number stencils allows you to create clear, crisp, professional signage in no time. Made from tough polypropylene, these alphabetical stencils and numerical stencils are extremely easy to use, they allow you to make tough, professional signs quickly. These stencils can be reused again and again - they are very cost effective for large projects.

Simply apply stencils to surface, apply paint and peel off stencils for a clear, crisp sign. 

This pack of letter and number stencils is a standard 25mm set of stencils, for other sizes please tick the appropriate size option.

  What our customers say about this product…
  • Stencil

    We really loved this product because it was easy to use, strong and reusable
    we received next day delivery with our super strip marking machine

    Raymond Higgins 09/04/2013
  • Worth It

    I have had stencils half the price and i have just found out why!!
    You get what you pay for, these are high quality and dont snap like the ones we got first, well worth the money

    JJHeap 27/06/2013

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Stencil - A-Z and 0-9 (25mm - other sizes available)