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ATAK Traffic Line Marking Machine

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ATAK Traffic Line Marking Machines

Ideal for line marking on tarmac, concrete and more

Atak Traffic line marking machines are easy to use line marking applicators, ideal for line marking on a range of hard surfaces such as concrete, tarmac and asphalt. Designed for use with Atak Traffic line marking paint cans, these line marking applicators can be used for marking out car parks, warehouse floors, factory floors, dispatch depots and all kinds of other indoor or outdoor hard floor areas.

High Build Quality

For a professional standard finish

Atak line marking machines are very well made pieces of equipment. They are solid and robust, with some convenient features that make them capable of producing excellent results time after time. These line marking applicators have an impact resistant body for durability and consistent straight lines. The width of the line produced by these applicators is adjustable and base unit of the machine features a guide arrow that assists the operator in producing accurate paint lines on the floor surface. The handle on these applicators can be removed and used separately for more intricate work, spot painting and stencil painting.

Simple Line Marking

Easy to use machines for DIY & trade applications

Atak line marking machines are very easy to use. Whether you are an experienced professional or a DIY user, you can get excellent results with Atak line marking products. Simply adjust the machine to the required line width, shake your can, insert it into the can housing, squeeze the handle to start the spray and walk forward at a steady pace to get bright and professional lines. The Atak line marking machine and paint give you the freedom and flexibility to paint lines as and when required, without the cost or hassle of booking contractor.

ATAK Tarmac Line Marking Kit Available

Everything you need in one package

You can purchase the Atak line marking machine on its own, or we can supply it with a box of the compatible Atak line marking paint cans as a kit. This gives you everything you need to get started cost effectively. View the Atak Tarmac Line Marking Kit here.

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ATAK Traffic Line Marking Machine